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With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe


If within the month October, you search Google over and over,

“Things to do in Philly, that I'll love for sure”

If your tired, nearly napping, aimlessly the keyboard tapping,

As if someone gently rapping, rapping at your inner core.

Tis the voice of history, that tapping, tapping at your inner core

“You should take a walking tour!”


With each Spring it's time to amble, get your shoes and start to ramble, 

Flowers blooming over bramble, brings a stirring to the fore.

Eagerly, you’ll set to walking – north and south a vision stalking

With your soul you will start talking - talking of a walking tour.

Of a Great Philadelphia Comedy Magic Walking Tour

Something you’ve not done before.


It has history only using, little bits that are amusing,

Editing the tedious details, that can be a bore

Tour reviews are all resounding,  the experience is quite astounding,

There is magic so confounding, it’s a mixture that has much allure.

Philadelphians do love this weird addition to their culture

Something that they just adore


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Tell your friends and tell your Mom, click

Read reviews, you’ll want to come,  in groups of 2 or 3 or 4

Behind the Bourse we start, come straight avoid detours

You’ll talk about it evermore……


Updated: Sep 6, 2022

This is where we start the Walk, and talk of many things,

of famous Philadelphians, of commoners and kings,

of how our City streets were named, and why our bell won't ring.

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