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With apologies to Edgar Allan Poe


If within the month October, you search Google over and over,

“Things to do in Philly, that I'll love for sure”

If your tired, nearly napping, aimlessly the keyboard tapping,

As if someone gently rapping, rapping at your inner core.

Tis the voice of history, that tapping, tapping at your inner core

“You should take a walking tour!”


With each Spring it's time to amble, get your shoes and start to ramble, 

Flowers blooming over bramble, brings a stirring to the fore.

Eagerly, you’ll set to walking – north and south a vision stalking

With your soul you will start talking - talking of a walking tour.

Of a Great Philadelphia Comedy Magic Walking Tour

Something you’ve not done before.


It has history only using, little bits that are amusing,

Editing the tedious details, that can be a bore

Tour reviews are all resounding,  the experience is quite astounding,

There is magic so confounding, it’s a mixture that has much allure.

Philadelphians do love this weird addition to their culture

Something that they just adore


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Read reviews, you’ll want to come,  in groups of 2 or 3 or 4

Behind the Bourse we start, come straight avoid detours

You’ll talk about it evermore……


Starting Memorial Day Weekend, the Philadelphia Visitor Center is partnering with Philly Magic Tours to provide tourists with unexpected moments of fun at the Independence Visitor Center this summer.


The Great Philadelphia Comedy Magic Walking Tour has conjured up a free “Midday Magic Show” at the Independence Visitor Center. The 10-15 minute pop-ups are designed to give visitors a taste of the hour-long ticketed walking tour through Historic Philadelphia. Pop up Shows are completely free, and begin Friday, May 24. Pop up Shows will take place every weekend from Memorial Day through the end of June.


“Costumed characters, storytelling benches, and new Midday Magic Shows all contribute to the festive, fun atmosphere visitors can expect at the Independence Visitor Center this summer,” said Kathryn Ott Lovell, President and CEO of the Philadelphia Visitor Center. “We are thrilled to connect visitors with the variety of high-quality tours, events, museums and attractions that make a visit to Philadelphia an experience to remember!” 


Pop up magic shows offer a chance to welcome guests to the Visitor Center and also showcase one of Philadelphia's unique attractions, a walking tour of the city’s historic district that includes stand up comedy and dozens of magic tricks, all themed around the tales of Revolutionary America. The tour explores historic and offbeat locations in Old City.  At the various stops there are theatrical presentations, audience participation, comedy, and jaw-dropping magic tricks performed just a few feet away from participants. 


The Great Philadelphia Comedy Magic Walking Tour is in its third season.  Award-winning magician and native of Philadelphia, Robert Malissa has created a unique type of city tour (there are only three magic walking tours in the world). 


Visitors can purchase tickets for The Great Philadelphia Comedy Magic Walking at the Independence Visitor Center’s Information Desk or online at



Notes to Editors


ABOUT THE PHILADELPHIA VISITOR CENTER CORPORATION The Philadelphia Visitor Center (PVCC) connects visitors to memorable, authentic, and fun Philly experiences at our four visitor center locations: 6th and Market, City Hall, Love Park, and the Parkway. It facilitates the operation of the Independence Visitor Center, the primary point of orientation for Independence National Historical Park and the official visitor center of the Philadelphia region, including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. PVCC also operates the LOVE Park Visitor Center, Parkway Visitor Center, City Hall Visitor Center, The Philly PHLASH seasonal public transit service, and The Liberty View, a private event space at The Independence Visitor Center overlooking the Liberty Bell and Independence Mall. For more information, please visit


About The Great Philadelphia Comedy Magic Walking Tour

Rob Malissa is a renowned magician in the Philadelphia area where he has been performing since the age of 10. He won the Philadelphia Houdini Club trophy, the Philadelphia version of the Stanley Cup for magic. The trophy was originally presented to the Club by Bess Houdini, the widow of the late Harry Houdini. Winners’ names are etched into a plaque that is part of a book containing Houdini memorabilia. He tied for first place in close-up sleight of hand and was awarded 2nd place in stage magic at the Philadelphia Chapter of the Society of American Magicians. Malissa has performed in numerous shows and festivals in the area including fringe festivals in both Philadelphia and New York city where he earned rave reviews.

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Updated: Sep 6, 2022

This is where we start the Walk, and talk of many things,

of famous Philadelphians, of commoners and kings,

of how our City streets were named, and why our bell won't ring.

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